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" A revolutionary educational
designed specifically for
        Millenials and their children! "

Atlanta Adventist Academy lives by its tagline “Education That Connects” as they deliver high-quality education that is diversified, inclusive, and technologically astute. Welcome to a new world of Adventist education!


Atlanta Adventist Academy offers a revolutionary educational product called TRUeConnect.  This is not your grandfather’s Oldsmobile; and it is not traditional education designed during the industrial age either!  TRUeConnect is a cutting edge technology-based education delivered in 21st Century containers, wrapped in quality, national and Adventist standards, and value-added instructional excellence.  AAA’s teachers are fully NAD certified and simply superb! The TRUeConnect program is an education model designed specifically for millennials and their children!  


The Difference:  TRUeConnect embraces real-time active learning for students from many locations, joined together through telepresence technology that really works.  They converse and interact with teachers and each other as though they were in the same location.  Students connect from their local campus--or even from home--into live video classrooms.  Students are able to form lasting, meaningful relationships with their teachers and their classmates even though they are miles apart!


To learn more about how the TRUeConnect program can benefit your student, family, or campus, please get connected with us at

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