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Leadership is something that’s highly respected at Atlanta Adventist Academy. And there are those that find themselves wanting to involve themselves a bit more than usual. We call these individuals the Student Association, the masterminds behind SA sponsored events. From helping a new student settle in planning the biggest event of the year, SA is working hard behind the scenes to make the school year something special.


Most people don’t realize the amount of work and dedication that goes into SA. This group of students plans many of the year's events, including the school-wide Icebreaker at the beginning of the year and the Fall and Winter parties. You can also thank SA for Spring Banquet, which is considered one of the biggest events of the year.


The election process for SA is quite simple: you compose a speech, present it to the student body, and they choose next year’s leaders. If you’d like to join Student Association for the next school year, make sure to submit your application (include desired SA position) at the end of the year when elections are held!  Being an SA officer also allows you to obtain Leadership Scholarships when you apply for college.

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