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AAA Counseling

Atlanta Adventist Academy (AAA) has a comprehensive program to help their students not only deal
with the immediate problems and concerns that students face every day but has also put together a
counseling program to help students answer the questions and concerns that they will face in the future
as they plan for college and beyond.

The academic counseling program starts from freshman year, helping students understand the classes
and academic program that will help them achieve their goals as they move through high school. Each
year, the students will meet with the academic counselor to make sure that they are on track for
graduation, that they know what to expect in the years to come, and to make sure they are fulfilling the
requirements of each year to make them successful. The students are given advice as to the best
courses and programs to take to ensure they are prepared for the different college degrees and career
choices that they are considering.


Like with all the programs at AAA, college counseling needs to start from the students’ freshman year.
Some of the things that will be included in the counseling will be helping the students understand what
it takes to get into certain kinds of careers, how to pay for their college education, and resources to
explore the possibilities. AAA is working with Southern Adventist University counselors to help answer
the questions that the students have regarding preparation for college success, not only if they choose
SAU but other universities as well. AAA has added a College Prep menu on our website to help students
find the different sites that will guide them through the various aspects of college preparation.


AAA has enlisted the assistance of Dr. Beamish to work with the students to help determine what career
fields the students would be most drawn to. Each year Dr. Beamish gives the juniors a personality test,
then meets with each student to help them understand the results of the test. With the combination of
community service programs, mission trips, internships, and the appropriately selected classes, each
student gains the skills that will not only help them select their career but will also better equip them to
be successful at their chosen profession. In addition, each teacher builds into their curriculum, lessons
that are applicable to work and knowledge that they will need as they work toward preparing
themselves for college and career choices.


AAA is fortunate to have several trained personnel to help students that are experiencing stress or
adverse issues in their lives. Two of the staff members are trained social workers, one staff member has
spent a number of years working in crisis centers, conducting group and individual counseling, and AAA
also has a dedicated school Chaplin to help with in-house issues that students may need a little bit of
extra assistance with. In addition to in-house counseling, we have a Dr. of Psychology that comes to
AAA to assist with more difficult issues.


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