AAA is a non-profit institution that can only function with the continued support of our donors.  Please consider giving today.  Below are some of the programs you can contribute directly or you may choose GENERAL OPERATIONS to contribute to the overall expenses of the school.

thanks for your support!

Worthy Student

Funds are used to provide tuition assistance to students who require additional help in order to attend Atlanta Adventist Academy.  Because the cost of private, Christian education is expensive, many of the students who choose to attend AAA need some type of assistance, which is provided by the gifts made by alumni and friends to the Worthy Student Fund.  Gifts to the Worthy Student Fund are tax-deductible provided the name of a student is not written on the donation. 

AAA Endowment

Donors may give gifts to AAA which are invested. The earnings are distributed through scholarships to students (or other specified criteria) while the principal amount remains intact.

This investment is funded by donations that are tax deductible for donors.


Up to fifteen (15) students will be approved to participate in PFE program for the Fall/Spring semesters. They would be visiting with an older adults which would involve maybe some light cleaning, reading, and building a relationship with the elderly.  Applications must be received by August 10 each year.  

Advent Ringers

Advent Ringers is our bell choir under the direction of Melissa Connor. Together with the Adoramus Choral Group, the Advent Ringers visit different churches to bring heavenly worship.  Donations are always needed to replace worn out equipment and to cover ongoing transportation and uniform needs.

The Adoramus Choral Group, under the direction of Melissa Connor, provides students the opportunity to praise God through singing while blessings churches around Georgia.  On Supper Sabbaths, our choir (Adoramus) and bell choir (Advent Ringers), visit different churches to bring heavenly worship. Donations are always needed for transportation, uniforms and special tours.

General Operations

AAA provides our students with the latest technology to ensure ongoing top education.  Our students benefit from high academic and spiritual input.  Two spiritual retreats are conducted during the school year in which students are able to take time to get closer to God in a Nature setting.  Your donations help with the technology expenses, transportation, teaching materials and building expenses.

Student Life Campaign

Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. As part of our commitment to sustaining our vibrant community and educating holistically, we want to keep expanding our student life programs. And we need your help! We love giving our students the opportunity to serve, socialize and challenge each other, however, our ability to provide is greatly aided by your generous support. You can help us provide these opportunities by giving your needed contribution today. Your donations help with school trip costs such as mission trips, choir trip, basketball tournaments, etc.

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