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  • Do I have to be a Seventh-day Adventist to attend?
    Absolutely not. We are affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist church and will offer Christian programming, but there is no religious affiliation requirement for attendance. We have had students from many religions such as Buddhism, Islam, Atheism as well as students from varying Christian denominations.
  • What kind of financial aid is available?
    We offer various forms of financial aid. We do our best to make sure that any student who wishes to attend a Christian school will be able to, no matter their financial background. Please see our Finances page for more information.
  • Do you accept international students?
    YES! We are legally able to issue I-20’s to students from all over the world. Our international student page has step-by-step instructions on how to get your I-20 as well as a specific FAQ section.
  • Is there a uniform?
    There is no formal uniform at this time at AAA. We do have a dress code based on the concept of dressing in business appropriate attire, thus teaching our students from a young age how to appear professional in a competitive world. The short version is that men must wear dress slacks, button down shirts or polos, dressy sweaters and dress shoes and socks (Ties optional). Women may wear modest dress blouses, polos, sweaters, dress pants, skirts at or below the knee and dress shoes. The detailed version of this dress code is available in our handbook and students are held accountable for knowing the dress code.
  • What is the ethnic breakdown of the school?
    We believe that diversity is one of our strongest attributes. We have tried to find a majority, but there really is none! You will be attending classes every day from students from all over the world in our international program and the American students are equally varied in their backgrounds and cultures. We believe that the variety educates our students on other cultures, tolerance for differences, and provides a general feeling of acceptance and lack of the traditional “cliques” or high school stereotypes found in most schools.
  • Can my child attend with a GA or TN HOPE scholarship?
    AAA is qualified and accredited to receive both GA and TN state HOPE scholarships.
  • Can I use my own computer?
    We provide each student with their own iPad to use on campus, included in tuition. This uniformity allows for more efficient file-sharing, more control on the network and content blocking, and fewer virus issues that are inherent to the Apple computer. You may, of course, use your own computer at home if you choose, but it must be left at home.
  • What kinds of spiritual activities can I attend?
    AAA strives to make the day start, continue and end with God. From the staff’s morning worships, to every class beginning with a worship thought, to Thursday chapels and various campus ministries or outreach activities, you will not be able to go one day without turning back to Him. Please see our Campus Ministries page for more information on specific programs.
  • Do you offer bus service?
    Yes! We offer limited bus service. Please see our schedule here. If there is not a bus stopping within a reasonable distance of you, you will need to make arrangements for drop off and pickup of your child. Please see our policy for pick-ups here.
  • What sports teams do you have?
    AAA are mighty Aardvarks! We have athletics programs for women’s volleyball, both mens’ and women’s basketball, and mens' soccer. Please see the athletics page for game schedules and other information and announcements.
  • Do you offer a hot lunch program?
    Our Senior class offers an optional daily hot lunch as a fundraiser for their class trip. You will be given the opportunity to order lunch for yourself each morning so that they may order it in time for lunch. The store also offers a variety of snacks and drinks for purchase. Students are, of course, allowed to pack and bring their own lunches as well.
  • I am not an SDA. Do I have to take Bible classes?
    AAA requires a Bible class for every year attended for graduation. We do not ask that you take them with the idea of conversion or of changing your own beliefs unless you so choose, but we do require them as a further education on Christian and (in a small amount) Seventh-day Adventist beliefs.
  • What kind of limitations are there on my iPad?
    We do put limitations on the computers to make sure that the content on campus is appropriate for a Christian environment and conducive to getting school work done. Each computer has a reasonable time limit on it per day to teach students to not waste their time on non-school activities before getting home work finished. This time limit can be adjusted at any time by the school or the parent upon request. There are certain website blocked due to content (anything with adult, illegal or inappropriate material) or time-management issues (Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Tumblr). Students with acceptable grades should have Facebook access(or similar) at home. If grades fall into failing status, the at-home access to these sites may be revoked.
  • How early/late can I drop off/pick up my student?
    Student supervision will be provided for 30 minutes prior to and 30 minutes after school. There may be an additional fee to students who require supervision outside of these hours since it requires additional work hours for staff.
  • How often will a Partner Campus student attend classes in Atlanta?
    We require that all campuses attend classes in Duluth at least twice per year, at the beginning of each semester for orientation, introductions and to attend a few important mixers, banquets, etc. together. Partner campus students are welcome anytime they would like to come to Atlanta to attend, but they must notify Mrs. Mann ( of your visit and you may be responsible for your own transportation and/or lodging, though we make every attempt to simplify this process for you!
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