Top 17 Questions to Ask When Speaking to the Academic Counselor

How should I plan my schedule, so I’ll complete my classes in the best order?

To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.Each semester you should sit down with the school registrar and plan out your year.

Which elective courses do you recommend?

Take the elective classes that interest you and help you explore career paths you
may want to follow.

Which AP courses are available?

When creating your schedule for the year you should sit down with the Registrar and
discover all the advanced classes that are available to you.

When is the PSAT/NMSQT® going to be given at AAA?

In October every year

Is this school a testing center for the SAT/ACT, or will I need to go somewhere nearby?

The ACT is offered at AAA in Oct. Nov., Dec., and Feb.

Is this school a testing center for the SAT 2 subject tests?

As of 1/22/2021, the College Board is discontinuing the SAT subject tests in the
United States immediately. The last international SAT subject test will be June 2021.
Please see this link for more details.

Do you have any afterschool or evening sessions available for college planning, or the SAT/ACT?

AAA has a class in the spring of the student’s junior year to help students prepare
for taking the ACT in October of their senior year.

Do you have college handbooks or other guides that I can browse or borrow?

Yes, please see the Registrar.

What activities can I do at home and over the summer to get ready for college?

The three key summer activities are: practice for the ACT/SAT test, apply for
scholarships, and read books that are on your college book lists.

What kinds of grades do different colleges require?

Each college is different so you will need to look at your college choices websites or
contact their admissions office to determine what your grades need to be. The
Registrar will be able to help with this.

What are the requirements or standards for the Honor Society?

Contact for more information.

Do you have any information to help me start exploring my interests and related careers?

Materials are sent out to you by the Registrar beginning your freshman year. Your
junior year you will be taking a very comprehensive personality evaluation test. You
will also need to try take elective classes that will help explore your interests. Last of
all we recommend that you look for internships or partner with alumni that will better
help you explore your career options.

If my colleges need a recommendation from teachers and staff, how can I help you know me better so it can be more personal?

When you request a recommendation letter from a teacher or staff member, please
provide them with a biography letter to help them understand all the things that you
have been involved in during your high school career.

Are there any special scholarships or awards that I should know about now so I can work toward them?

The best two people to talk to are the Business Manager and the Registrar. They
can supply you with a list of things that will help you get the most out your time and

When can we go over my transcripts together so I can better understand what my options are and what I still need to do?

Each semester the Registrar will go over your class schedule with you. That is the
best time to ask any questions that you may have to make sure you are optimizing
your time and energy.

Does AAA know of any financial aid that I can apply for to prepare for college?

On the AAA website under “College Resources” there is a list of sites that you can
explore for scholarships that will help you prepare for college. Most colleges that you
apply to will also help you explore additional options. As soon as you start talking to
colleges about attending their school, they will make their college counselors
available to you.

Is AAA connected to any businesses so I can get internships?

Stop by the Registrar and get a list of businesses that we are working with.