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Please follow the instructions below to apply for an I-20 in our International Program.



First, fill out our I-20 student application online here. Turn in the required documents as following and $550 non-refundable application fee. 100% of tuition is due before we can issue the I-20.


For returning students, there is a 3% tuition discount if you pay the next school year tuition and fees by March 31st. 



For a full list of International I-20 fees, click here.


  • Copy of passport

  • Copy of birth certificate

  • Transcripts from the last 2-3 years of school

  • Recommendation letters from the teacher of Math, English, and counselor 

  • Copy of Immunizations (shots) the student has received

  • Bank letter shows at least $32,000

  • A short essay in English. This is not a test – it simply allows us to determine what ESL classes the student will need so please do not help the student with their English while writing their essay. The essay can be about their hopes, goals, dreams, hobbies, or why they want to come to AAA.

  • Copy of your current I-20 if you are transferring to AAA from other school in USA.

  • Please send all documents to If you have any question regarding international students admission, please contact Mr. Rory Hamer at (404) 699-1400 or send an email to


If a student arrives for school too far into a semester to be able to catch up on missed work, we cannot offer school credit for the remainder of that semester. But, many students choose to come early anyway and attend without credit (or AUDIT) in order to have time to adjust and learn English better before enrolling in full time school. If this is the case, or in the case of a student who wishes to come and attend for only a couple of months before returning home, we simply divide the tuition by 10 months ($1,869.40) and multiply that by the number of months that they will be here outside of a normal full semester. For example, a student who arrives for the last three months of the fall semester would owe $5,608.20. The Application Fee would remain the same.  Please let us know if you are interested in auditing.

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